About Us

Hello! My name is Alessandra and this is my story behind Blue Marble.

In August 2016, after my third trip to Aruba, I took the plunge and bought my first property. I had to make a decision within one week's time, to take this brand new condo where I would put my soul and life into this endeavor or sit back and continue with a mundane life in New Jersey. So, I jumped and decided to be bold, really bold. As a one man show and as a first time property owner, this was thrilling yet nerve wrecking. The road was not easy, there was constant second guessing and at times feelings of defeat with real defeat, but I made it! We all can make it, as long as we do not give up.

My travels abroad and seeing all the different places for accommodations outside of mainstream hotels, brought me to this idea of wanting to accommodate people on their travels in hope that they have an enjoyable and unforgettable stay. Here I am, with Blue Marble on the beautiful island of Aruba!

My vision for this condo came immediately and the reality began to surface. I bought the condo and from every single detail emerged Blue Marble. All aspects from tiles to décor have come from my vision. Located in the condo you will find some local U.S. and local island décor all made from hand. I have included: Saatva Mattresses, which are luxury eco-friendly mattresses, some decor is made from reclaimed wood, the lighting is LED to conserve the island's energy, and induction cooktops were placed in the kitchens to conserve energy as well. Most importantly, I tried to instill a feeling of calmness inside the condo so clients can relax and let their minds be free during their stay.

I wanted this condo to have a purpose. Therefore, Blue Marble is a vacation rental with a cause! 5% of rental rates , will go to a charity or organization in need on this beautiful island of Aruba each year. I will strive to do my best and give back to the community as a thank you. A thank you for this beautiful life and the ability to do such a thing on the island.

Why Aruba? The true question, is why not! Aruba, has amazing beaches, amazing sunsets, amazing food, amazing culture and the most important, amazing people. I fell in love with Aruba and I know you will too!

I truly appreciate you choosing Blue Marble. It means the world to me.

Much Love,